Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adding to the diaper stack

Cloth diapering has been a huge part of our lives with both of our kids. Partially because of environmental reasons (Did you know that paper diapers take 40 years to biodegrade in a landfill?) and partially because of economic factors (Did you know the average family with one child in diapers goes through 1,300 to 1,500 dollars in diapers annually?). When we had #2 we went to cloth wipes as well because I though it was a bit ridiculous to blow through two packages of wipes in a week.

Obviously you use different diapering solutions for different sizes of child. We've used flat prefold diapers and waterproof covers with great success, except for that awkward stage when you can no longer get the small size prefold around them, but the large size is so bulky it makes their bottom half look like a miniature bowling ball. My daughter reached that stage around 7 months, and we found a fantastic free pattern for a pocket diaper that you stuff with the outgrown prefolds. Now baby #2 is out of his prefolds at 4 months. Because he is Godzilla baby. And I don't have enough for more than a day and a half. So I've been very busy the last couple of days trying to get more made up so I can go back to every other day diaper wash! 

Jade helps me pin the pattern onto the flannel. 

You can check out this pattern and Rita's fantastic instructions here: I can't recommend them highly enough. It's a simple pattern, uses inexpensive materials, and seriously elongates the life of your prefold diapers! Besides, they're really really cute. 

Here's my little buddy modeling the finished product! I normally try to use neutral prints/colors for things like diapers, so that they can be used for either a girl or boy, but I couldn't resist the plaid!

The green are lined with Jersey, the plaid with more flannel. Both solutions work really well, I just happened to have part of a yellow jersey sheet set that got a huge stain on it sitting around. This was a good use for part of it!

Since we're talking about cloth diapers, I thought I'd share my favorite recipe for cloth wipe solution: 

3 cammomile tea bags
1 Tbsp Weleda baby oil with calendula
1 Tbsp Aveno baby body wash

Put the tea bags in a quart jar, and fill with boiling water, allow to steep until cooled. Add the baby oil and body wash, put on the lid and shake it well. Pour over all of your cloth wipes in a big bowl, wring out the wipes so they're just damp, and fold them in a leftover disposable wipe box. Surprisingly enough, they stay perfectly fresh for four or five days, even in the summer heat. You could add a couple drops of tea tree oil for it's disinfecting properties, or a bit of your favorite essential oil for scent if you liked. 

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